Healthy & Tasty Salomn Snack

This tasty snack is both healthy and easy to make! Serve it as a healthy appetizer at a summer garden party or eat between meals- guilt free! It’s under 100 calories.

My girlfriend loves salmon, I don’t- so it’s difficult to incorporate the fish into meals. However, I would definitely encourage any chef who enjoys, wants to treat a loved one, or wants to up the hors d’oeuvre/appetizer game. Smoked salmon is incredibly easy to use because it doesn’t require any cooking and already has an amazing smokey flavor- it’s also really healthy. This recipe is an extra alternative to salmon and cream cheese on a bagel or a traditional salmon tea sandwich.

Healthy & Tasty Salmon Snack

Prep: 10 MINS

Smoked Salmon
Wholegrain Ryvita
Greek Cheese
Black Pepper
Garlic Powder
Sea Salt

Place a tablespoon of Greek cheese in a bowl (1tbs per crispbread) and microwave for 20 seconds or until cheese melts. Add a pinch of black pepper, garlic powder, and parsley into cheese and mix. While still soft, spread onto Ryvita. Cut cucumber in half and then slice lengthwise (ideally with a mandolin.) Place sliced cucumber and a generous piece of smoked salmon on top of Ryvita and garnish with sea salt and parsley.

Swap the salmon for chicken breast if you’re not feeling fish! Swap Greek cheese for low-fat cream cheese or soft cheese if you prefer the taste.